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Product Name : 2,7-Dichloro-alpha-[(dibutylamino)methyl]-9H-fluorene-4-methanol
Product SHORT Name : DBA intermediates of Lumefantrine
Product case no: 69759-61-1

What is lumefantrine?

Lumefantrine is an antimalarial agent combined with artemether for treating acute uncomplicated malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum.

An antimalarial medication called Lumefantrine is used to treat acute, simple malaria. To increase effectiveness, it is given along with artemether. When used to treat infections brought on by P. falciparum and other Plasmodium species, including infections contracted in chloroquine-resistant areas, this combination medication works against the erythrocytic stages of Plasmodium spp.


DBA intermediates of Lumefantrine are a blood schizonticide active against erythrocytic stages of Plasmodium falciparum. It is thought that administration of 2,7-Dichloro-alpha-[(dibutyl amino)methyl]-9H-fluorene-4-methanol with artemether results in cooperating antimalarial clearing effects. Artemether acts quickly and is quickly eliminated from the body. Thus, it is believed to quickly relieve symptoms by lowering the parasite load of malaria. Intermediates of Lumefantrine in Gujarat have a much longer half-life and are believed to clear residual parasites.

Mechanism of action

The exact mechanism by which the Intermediates of Lumefantrine manufacturers exert their antimalarial effect is unknown. However, available data suggest that Lumefantrine inhibits the formation of β-hematin by forming a complex with hemin and inhibits

Use Of DBA intermediates of Lumefantrine

Uses: 2- (Dibutylamino)-1-(2,7-dichloror-9H-fluoren-4-yl)ethanol is an impurity formed during the synthesis of Lumefantrine (L474000), a fluorene (F462000) derivative belonging to the aryl amino alcohol class of anti-malarial drugs.

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Molecular Fomula : C23H29Cl2NO
Molecular weight : 406.39
Appearance: White or white crystals
Assay: 98.5%

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Chemical Properties : Pale Yellow Solid

2,7-Dichloro-alpha-[(dibutylamino)methyl]-9H-fluorene-4-methanol; 2,7-(dichloro-a-[(dibutylamino)methyl]-9H-Fluorene-4-methanol; 2,7-dichloro-[(dibutylamino)methyl]- 9H-Fluorene-4-methanol; {2,7-dichloro-9-[(dibutylaMino)Methyl]-9H-fluoren-4-yl}Methanol; -[(dibutylaMino)Methyl]- 9H-Fluorene-4-Methanol; 2,7-dichloro- (DIBUTYLAMINE METHYL)-2,7-DICHLORO-4-FLUORENMETHANOL; Benflumentol N-1

DBA intermediates of Lumefantrine
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